take control over that negative voice in your head!
Improve Your Relationships and Your Life... Today!
  • Do you have a goal in life but feel stuck?
  • How much time do you spend thinking "I am not good enough or I don't deserve this"?
  • When are you going to get tired of listening to that negative voice in your head that is holding you back and denying you your success?
  • A lack of self confidence can be overcome and today is the day you take control over that negative voice in your head!
Thank You Zandra!

When I met Zandra I was very new to my job. I had just left a long-time position which I loved, but it was very unhealthy for me in the end. So I made the move and started a new job, for which I was very fortunate. 

My new manager introduced me to Zandra! I was very closed off when I met her, coming from a toxic work environment and experienced a lot of grief in life, I felt like I was “stuck” and couldn’t move forward, or that I even had a voice.

 Working with Zandra has helped me see that my opinion does matter, that I am important and the work that I do is valuable! 

She has given me the shake that I needed, brought me out of the fog I was in and helped me realize what it is that is holding me back. 

Now, I’m working on utilizing those tools to help me move forward to have a healthier, happier and more productive future. 

If you seem to be stagnating or just feel “blah” , feel like you need a change but don’t know what to do about it? CALL ZANDRA!! If you have never met Zandra before, when you do J you’ll quickly realize this lady gets things done!! 

Thank you Zandra! I look forward to our next session.

{Rhonda Grandison}

Tired of doubting yourself?
A Quick and Proven way to Improve your Self Confidence
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Improve Your Relationships and Your Life.
In this Bundle you get
Self-Confidence Assessment
  •  Everything starts with an assessment of yourself in order to improve and have a clear understanding of your self confidence baseline.
  • Rate your confidence level by completing this insightful checklist about your daily life.
Naked Exercise
  • Learn this technique to begin to love your body and not see it as the enemy or expendable.
  • ​How you look can have an impact on your confidence level. But if we believe that how we look is the only measure of our confidence, then we have a problem. this exercise will help you to reset your body image.
Shifting Gears and Fears
  • ​Once you complete the checklist and exercise, it's  time to shift your mental gears.
  • Find out what hinders your self confidence to reach its peak.
  • ​Focus on your emotional well being.
  • ​Learn how to effectively  handle your fears so that you can start having control of your life.
Get To Know Your Inner Child
  •  Our inner child is the truest forms of ourselves. 
  • Discover how to find your inner child again so you can be at peace and be more self-assured than ever.
  • ​In this lesson find out how well you know yourself.
Aside from these you also learn about:

How Negative Emotions Block Self-Confidence

12 Tips for Self Care

The Art of Emptying

Seeing Yourself in a New Light

The Happy Thought Exercise

ONE Hour of Social Media Bliss: Techie and Toxic

And a whole lot more...

Now, the secrets are within your reach

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  •  35 Page Ebook: Each of the lesson explained in text format.
  • Self Assessment:  Rate your confidence level by answering our quick checklist
  • Audio Books: Get each chapter in format of audio files as well.
  • ​Videos: Each chapter explained in detail using videos
  • Swipe File: Self confidence hacks cheatsheet
  • Resource Report: List of best online resources to boost self confidence
  • Worksheets: Use these worksheets to boost your self confidence with easy and proven methods.
What's Included...
Resource Report
Video Files
Worth $1014

7 Days of Email Support ( worth $199)

 Ask me anything related to self-confidence via email.
Free Facebook Community Support
  • Ask any query you have about self-confidence?
  • Get access to live webinars, resources, guides, worksheets etc.
  • ​Get latest news,events and programs updates.

30 min 1:1 Coaching Call ( worth $250)

You will get a 30 min video coaching call to answer your queries and build a strategy to live your dream life.

​Worksheet: Unstick Yourself Now! ( worth $39)

This is a very simple exercise to help you work with where you are right now - and come up with some ideas and
actions to move you forwards.

Journal: 100+ page Gratitude Journal  ( worth $99)

Gratitude is also an awareness or recognition. When you express or feel gratitude, you’re acknowledging that there is good in your life, in you, in the world and all around you. Feeling grateful changes how you feel inside. This journal will give you prompts to help you connect with the power of gratitude and how it can build your self confidence and belief in yourself.

Worksheet: What Do You Need To Let Go Of? ( worth $39)

Sometimes you need to let go of something YOU'VE done ask, "What do I need to do that will allow me to let this go?" Perhaps you need to make notes in your journal of what you've learned, perhaps you need to make some kind of amends, apologise or find a meaningful way to make it up to yourself or someone else. We can't change the past, but we can make amends and learn from it.

​Workbook: The Power of “No”- Create Some Blue Sky in your Life! ( worth $49)

Until we learn to say "No" we continue to be overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time. Have you noticed that it's usually important things impacted by not saying "No", like quality time with self or family, our health and our stress levels? Whether you learn to say "No" more often, or just learn to say "Yes" on your terms, it's time to release yourself from the burden of pleasing others. Give yourself time and freedom to be, and do, what matters to you by completing this workbook.
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Loving and Genuine

"I am so so thankful for Zandra and you will not be disappointed in investing in her. You are getting one of the most loving and genuine hearts with invaluable and effective support."
Caitie Hueller

Skilled Fitness & Lifestyle Leader

"Zandra is amazing! She pushes you but makes it a fun and inviting experience! Love her."

"This Sounds Great!
This course will help you jumpstart your self confidence starting now as it is personal development dynamite!

And guess what? You won't have to sell the farm because we are going to hook you up! 

Our goal is to generate outrageous levels of self confidence for anyone who is ready to take up this challenge.

Click on the below button and let's get going!
Zandra Ross 
Meet Zandra,
Zandra Ross is a community and organizational development magician and a health, wellness and fitness nut. She is dedicated to helping groups and individuals achieve their goals through honest communication, skill building, team building, healthy lifestyle development, and lifestyle/executive coaching.

The mission of Zandra Ross Lifestyle Coaching and Consulting is to provide a fun, creative, safe space for people to dream, plan, implement and grow. Our goal is to help you live a life that sets you soul on fire!
Zandra Ross
We've done our part. All you have to do now is to take the advantage of this offer and you can start on with this journey on making a positive change in your life.

Wait until tomorrow and your plans -- along with your motivation --  for making that change may never happen.

Right now is the right time. Claim the day.

Zandra Ross